Private Newsletter

Why you need a private (not a public) newsletter

Private Newsletter

Want to take one hour a week and use it to build a strong personal brand inside any big company? This is an unorthodox approach, but that’s why it works.

Here's why you should have your own internal media publication:

  • You won’t just be a cog in a big machine
  • You’ll build your personal brand with executives
  • You’ll network without 'networking' or doing 'coffee meetings'

Sounds good to me. You're going to start a PRIVATE newsletter.

Most people start a PUBLIC newsletter on Substack, Revue or Mailchimp. The difference is that a private newsletter is invite only. You don't have to beg the internet to subscribe and your goal is to sign-up only 20 high-value readers from inside your company. Instead of 15,000 random subscribers.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a simple format that works for your industry. For example, you could use a weekly "1-2-3" format of one photo, two thoughts and three links
  2. Opt-in all your stakeholders and executive sponsors to start (you don’t need their permission for an internal newsletter). Anytime you meet someone in your company you really like, or is influential, tell them that you’re adding them to your private newsletter
  3. Each week, collect and curate the content you need to populate your newsletter, put it together and send it out every Sunday. Sending it on Sunday means you’ll get in before everyone’s email inbox is clogged up

This works because it's easy, it scales, and there’s no obligation for your readers to read or reply.

If you are an interesting person then it will show, and they’ll notice you. Job done. The attention and respect of these readers is worth more than the 20,000 people on a public newsletter.

The Takeaway

With a small private newsletter your personal brand is assured, just rinse and repeat.

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Credit: Shaan Puri