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How to Grow a Landscaping Business in 4 Simple Steps

You need to grow your landscaping business.

The problem is, between keeping existing customers happy, running operations and managing your employees, there isn’t much time left to focus on growth.

That’s why you need a simple marketing strategy.

But what are the simple and reliable ways to grow a landscaping business?

Well you’re in luck. I’ve spent the time and done the work narrowing it down to the four most effective marketing tactics that work for landscaping businesses.

Here they are.

1. Build a Local Network

This one is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Drive to local commercial facilities
  2. Talk to managers about their costs and pain points for landscaping
  3. Don't leave without asking for their business

Make a list of all the local commercial facilities in your area, and tick them off one-by-one until you have met them all. Once you’ve finished, start going back to visit the managers you met, but who didn’t buy your services.

Often people need some time to think about it, and they will be ready to buy the second or third time you speak to them.

2. Distribute Flyers

Flyers work, but they are a volume game.

You need to create an effective flyer and then get it out there in the hands of local households and businesses. Your flyer should include:

  • A QR code to visit your website
  • Special discount for people who ACT NOW
  • A telephone number that forwards to your cell phone

That second part is important. Include a discount for a limited period of time. Nothing is better for sales than playing on people’s fear of missing out.

Now get them into the hands of local homeowners, business owners and building or facility managers. Hire someone to drop them off, recruit friends and family and make a special memory out of it, or do it yourself.

3. Host a Community Event

We go again, 1-2-3:

  1. Host an open bar event for 2 hours
  2. Invite all of the property managers in your area
  3. Collect business cards, and set up 1-on-1s for those who attend later in the week

This works amazingly well. For a $1,000 bar tab, you’ve filled your sales schedule for the next couple of weeks. Plus you will have built strong affinity with potential customers.

This will make the sales process much easier.

4. Optimize Your Website

First, your website should be simple and effective.

Once that’s complete, you should optimize your website for SEO.

Most business owners don't understand SEO. But those who leverage it make a killing. Essentially, it means you are getting free traffic and leads from Google and Bing.

But there are important technical considerations to get it right.

Hire a good SEO firm, set it, and forget it. Ask them for a weekly report detailing changes in SEO and reviews. Make sure you respond to all the leads that come in.

That’s it. It’s very simple.

Just start executing on these simple ideas. That’s how you grow a landscaping business. The only trick is to keep doing it. Drive to a new facility every week, distribute flyers and host a community event every quarter, put your online leads on autopilot.

Then after a while, lean into what works. Do more of the effective marketing activities, and less of the ineffective ones. This way you can make sure that new business is flowing in reliably year after year.

P.S. When you are happy with your growth you should also make sure that your profit margins are healthy and find out whether there's any room for improvement.

P.S.S. Did you know? With some simple changes the average business can grow revenue by 10%+, improve margins by 5% and generate tens of thousands of dollars in extra earnings per year.

What would that mean for you?

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