High-Impact Emails

Five weekly emails for a better professional life

High-Impact Emails

Your manager probably has no idea what you’re doing with your time.

They’re busy. They have their own problems.

Here’s the idea:

Send an email to your manager at the end of every single week outlining what you worked on this week, what you achieved, and what you will be working on next week.

You can also include a list of blockers that they can help you with, if you want.

For your boss, this lets them know what you’ve been up to without having to ask. It saves them from wondering and worrying. They’ll appreciate it and probably come to rely on it.

For you, it makes sure that your performance and accomplishments are visible to your manager.

Your superiors have their own jobs, are managing their own careers and are busy human beings. You should not assume that they’re spending all their time thinking about you and worrying about you and your career.

This takes it into your own hands, and keeps you front of mind. Career gold!

While you’re on a roll, here are four other emails you should be sending each week:

  1. Email a good friend and make plans every week
  2. Every week send a colleague an email to say thanks for something
  3. Every fortnight send an email to someone you know (but not very well) and check in
  4. Once a month an email to a potential mentor

With these you will be keeping your important work friendships alive, cementing your work relationships, building your connection to “weak ties” who are a primary source of future career opportunities and learning from experienced professionals.

The Takeaway

Regularly sending these five emails can change your life. Try it.

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