Giving Season

Transform your team bonding session

Giving Season

This one has a delicious twist.

Companies are always looking for innovative ways to engage their employees, this idea does that, and has so many other benefits.

  1. Around a holiday give each employee $1,000.
  2. Tell your employees that they must give the $1,000 to someone else.
  3. However, the challenge is to not give the money to a charity, but rather to truly look at the people around you. Find someone who needs a break.
  4. Have your employees give them the money. No questions asked, no stipulations. Just a gift for someone that could use a hand at a trying time.
  5. Then, gather everyone together (in-person or on a Zoom call) before they all leave for the holidays. Each person takes a turn to share (without saying a name) the person that they choose to give the money to.

The stories are amazing. People will cry, laugh, experience something most of us don't feel often enough. They get the experience to make someone's day and have a few hours of hearing everyone’s incredible stories.

The bonding this creates is priceless to your team culture.

This is not for everyone. But next time the Holiday Season is approaching, consider using this idea. Or pull it out for a team offsite. Whatever suits you. It's a great way to engage your team and make a difference in people’s lives at the same time.

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