Culture Calendar

Skyrocket employee retention and build team culture

Culture Calendar

A good work culture means happier employees. Happy employees lead to happier customers.

Happy employees also stay longer, which means less money spent on replacing them, a better return on your investment in training, and more productivity from good employees.


You probably invest in team building events to keep employees happy and build the culture. Why not get more bang for your buck with a simple and easy to execute exercise.

Place a big calendar prominently in a high traffic space (e.g. in the staff room) with a list of upcoming team building events.

Here's why it works:

  • Employees will get excited. When employees get a constant visual reminder of the events you have planned, they can start getting excited about them. They'll visualize them, start to think about what they'll wear, and the fun they'll have. The excitement engines start.
  • Employees won't get exited. Your people won't want to leave for another job when they're looking forward to an event. You're benefiting from loss aversion. They'll visualize being at the event, and won't want to leave before. Retention will increase.
  • You won't forget. It'll make sure that you are planning team events. They are easy to forget, but this is kind of like a forcing function making sure you have a balanced calendar of team building events and activities coming up.

It's like zero cost, and can have big benefits. Why not give it a try?

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