Buy Time

Get a sales prospects undivided attention

Buy Time

Getting your first customers is a tough grind, am I right?

Even if you know exactly who they are, where to find them, and you have a great product to offer, it's hard to get their time and attention.

Not anymore. You can literally buy it:

  1. Make a list of your ideal buyers' Job Title.
  2. Login to LinkedIn and search for your buyers by their Job Title.
  3. Craft a pitch to them that explains their pain point, how your product solves their problem, and offers to pay them for their time to provide feedback.

It could look like this:

Yes, it's a sneaky sales pitch. You're asking for feedback, but your product is good, right? If it is, they'll buy it. If it isn't, your money isn't wasted because you get customer feedback to improve it.

Offering to pay for your prospects time works because:

  • It's fair
  • It's flattering
  • It's high-signal ("this is worth it!")

When Jason Cohen from WP Engine did this (the email above) he sent 40 emails, 100% agreed to talk to him on the phone, no one asked for money and he got 30 to sign-up.

Braintree founder Bryan Johnson used the same trick to sell payment services to local retailers. As soon as he entered a store, he offered $100 to shop owners for their time to hear the sales pitch. It lowered barriers and in the end each prospect was just looking for an end to their problems, with no more of the broken promises and over promises he got from other providers.

Bryan made sales, and learned why customers buy.

WP Engine now does over $100M in sales per year, and Bryan Johnson sold Braintree to PayPal for $800M.

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