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The Best Balaji Quotes on Business

This post doesn’t list every single quote Balaji Srinivasan ever made.

Instead, I have selected and organized quotes by the most important principles he used to build a successful career as a writer and investor. These are the principles he used to create value as an entrepreneur, investor at a16z, and as the CTO of Coinbase.

Let’s get to it.

Balaji Srinivasan Quotes on Creating Value

“You have to be a little bit crazy to do great things.”

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

“There are three ways to change the world: government, religion, and startups.”

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

“The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.”

Balaji Srinivasan Quotes on Starting a Company

“In the startup world, you have to be paranoid and delusional at the same time.”

"Don't do a startup unless you're ideologically driven to make it succeed beyond the economic motivation."

"Many great founders have one or more big failures on their track record. What makes them great is that they eventually succeed despite that."

Balaji Srinivasan Quotes on Talent

“The bottleneck isn’t talent; it’s getting the right people to work on the right problems.”

“Building a great company is all about assembling a team of people smarter than you.”

Balaji Srinivasan Quotes on Innovation

“People often forget that startups are a controlled experiment.”

“In the innovation economy, you don’t just make things happen once. You make things happen over and over again.”

"I learned that despite having years and years of experience in math and computer science and so on, I didn't really know how to code until I formed a company."

"Virtually every major technology has an initial spike of interest, then a dip, and then a long-term rise to success. The dot-com bubble is the canonical example, but there are many more."