Hi. I'm Tom 👋

You’re a busy entrepreneur, small business owner or manager. You’re still in business because you are resourceful, motivated and committed. You’re here to find out what this is all about. I’m not here to waste your time.

Forget fancy website graphics, here is what I’m on the web to do:

Mission: My mission is to help one million entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers like you improve their business, increase profits and deliver more value to customers and employees by 2030.

Why: Because up to now these business improvement tools have only been available to large corporations who can afford to pay $5,000 per day consultants and advisors. It’s time to make them available for everyone, large and small.

How: I’ll take my own experience, hunt down old books, search every nook and cranny of the internet, and do interviews with seasoned operatives. I’ll scour the world to find the best small business improvement initiatives and bring them to you.

What: I’ll build and share the world’s largest collection of small business improvement initiatives to grow revenue, improve margins and increase efficiency. I’ll also provide a simple accountability system that will remind small business owners to continuously improve.

Founders note

I believe that one of the highest leverage ways to bring about more economic freedom, equality of opportunity and positive change in the world is through small businesses.

I am a passionate believer that increasing the pace of small business formation, the likelihood of survival, the rate of growth, the overall level of profitability and growing the employment opportunities created by small businesses is important to the world.

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to do this. Encourage and enable people to start more small businesses, and improve the outcomes for small businesses once they are started. Many fine folks focus on the first way and do a great job, I’m focused on the latter.

So it’s simple, I’m building the world’s largest collection of small business improvement initiatives and a simple accountability system that will remind small business owners to continuously improve because it will help people and it’s important to do.

But what gets measured gets managed. So with that in mind:

I'll use profits as a metric because the most effective thing I can do is help small businesses make more money so they can have more financial freedom, reinvest in their business, hire more employees or pay them more. And because it’s crunchy enough to keep me honest.

Therefore, my success function for the next ten years is: the product of the number of small businesses I’ve helped times the average profit improvement that my efforts uniquely caused. Say I can reach just a thousand small business owners each year and the incremental outcome they attribute to the business improvement library and accountability system is $10,000, the impact to score of Anaeo is about $10 million (a year).

That’s how I’ll measure myself.

Framed another way, my mission is to “increase the GDP of small businesses”. Every time I increase the pace of business formation, the likelihood of business survival, the rate of business growth, level of profitability and number of people hired in small businesses, we all win.

I hope that’s a worthwhile pursuit, and you’ll join me on it.

My Principles

Principle 1: Be fast

You know those courses where instructors waffle for ten minutes over some bullet points. Or the 120-page reports that make your eyes glaze.

This is going to be absolutely nothing like that.

I’ll give you as much as possible in as little time as possible. The 10 most proven, reliable and high-value initiatives you can implement today.

Principle 2: Be simple

No business jargon. No unnecessary complexity.

Each playbook is hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, talking to experts, getting my hands dirty, falling on my face...

Condensed into simple step-by-step instructions.

Principle 3: Be practical

This isn't a business degree. Everything is practical. I’m going to talk about it. Then you’re actually going to do it.

You’re implementing processes, building systems, making progress.

For REAL. Specific business improvement measures. That's how you improve.

In short, you don’t have the time to read through 250+ pages of fluff. These are straight to the point, clearly explained improvements so you can get ideas to execute.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.